Schooled in Science

As a holistic float center, we consistently advocate our plethora of services for adults; encouraging relaxation, stress reduction, and health management for grown-ups is a forte we take pride in. Recently though, we decided to switch gears in order to serve a demographic not often equated with wellness centers: youth.

Last week, we were fortunate enough to invite our good friends from our local Classical Conversations chapter to participate in a prepared scientific lesson plan created by Uncharted Waters. The goal was twofold: 1.) to utilize the scientific method in order to explain the phenomenon that occurs in the actual tanks, and 2.) to engage the kiddos and present science in a fun and creative way.

To begin the scholastic festivities, we gave a tour of the float center and had Jon do a live float demonstration. During his float, we talked about how much salt was in the water and laid the groundwork for possible outcomes that could arise during our experiment. Asking questions like “Do you think solubility is affected by the temperature of the water?” got them thinking about the science behind what they were witnessing.

After the float demonstration, we made our way back to the lounge and had the kids utilize the scientific method to determine the outcome of creating a miniature float tank. We had them question a variety of differing factors like temperature and quantities of salt to form their hypotheses. To up the geek factor, we made use of Spiderman and Wolverine action figures, assigning them the important role of testing out our simulated ‘tanks’. For those of you who are as nerdy as us folks here at the center, rest assured that we used this opportunity to indulge our scientific curiosity as much as theirs.

After concluding the experiment, we sent the small scientists in their way with some Uncharted sway and all the fixings to repeat the experiment at home.

“I’m sure they (the kids) will always think of Wolverine’s muscle mass when they are faced with real-life situations of flotation and density,” enthused Homeschool liaison Pam Alvarado. Alvarado is a personal friend of the center and was also responsible for coordinating this mutually advantageous indoor field trip.

“We had a wonderful time! It was so great to have the kids see density in action and have a hands on approach in creating different levels of it. We can’t thank Sarah and Jonathan enough for putting together such a fun and educational field trip for our students!”

Classical Conversations is a classical-model based tutoring program used throughout the country that homeschoolers use in conjunction with their own curriculum. In this instance, we were granted the opportunity to be involved with the youth and alternative education systems within our own community, showcasing our specialty in a way we haven’t before. Watching kids ages 7 to 13 interact with the science we’re accustomed to on a daily basis brought a fresh, invigorating perspective that can only be captured by the enthusiasm of youth. We are educating the next generation of floaters!