In Honor of our Dedicated Servicemen and Women...

In honor of our dedicated servicemen and women, Uncharted Waters will be extending our Free Floats for Vets promotion from one day to one full week! This year, we encourage veterans to stop by for a complimentary float anytime from November 11th to November 17th. Please call ahead or book online to schedule your float today.

Boasting a wealth of wellness benefits, active and retired soldiers can expect a plethora of physical, mental, and emotional benefits by experiencing a float. In addition to relieving stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms, floating has also been proven to help alleviate physical pain, combat insomnia and PTSD, as well as increase athletic performance and stamina.

The life of a military veteran is often a hectic one. Imagine: a 90-minute restorative session that will prioritize self-care by allowing space for relaxation, thought processing, body healing, or maybe just a well-deserved nap! Whatever ails you, a float is sure to provide the remedy you’re looking for. Need more convincing? It’s free if you’re a military veteran!

The wellbeing of soldiers and military personnel is a 365-day priority for us folks at Uncharted Waters — a notion celebrated by our Freedom Float Program, by which all tips given to staff are allocated to free floats for veterans throughout the year.

Looking to take your float to the next level? Consider listening to our iRest Mindfulness Meditation, specifically formulated for use while floating by Uncharted Waters Co-Owner and Military Veteran Sarah Maynard-Murray. This recorded session marries the benefits of both floating and Integrative Restorative Yoga Nidra Meditation, effectively combining the modalities to help create the ultimate therapeutic experience tailored to your own personal needs. Available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music. Waterproof headphones available for purchase. Stop by the front desk to learn more.

Thank you for your service!