About Us

Uncharted Waters Float Center

Your peak potential is our mission.

Unplug. Breakthrough. Transcend. Heal. Explore.

Are all of these things achievable by floating? We think so.

We’re avid floaters, so we have huge respect for its many diverse benefits. But when you get down to it, what really motivates us is the notion of helping people be their best.

When we get in touch with our best selves, we feel and think better. We create and perform better. We’re better dads and sisters and neighbors and friends. The world is, we dare say, better! And that’s an idea we wanted to get behind.

Why Uncharted Waters?

From Portland to Tacoma with love, we invite the citizens of Puget Sound to unplug from their smart phones, breakthrough mental barriers, transcend old habits, heal mental and physical trauma, and explore their own personal uncharted waters.

To us, the name conveys the idea of tapping into your own highest potential. By unlocking unhelpful physical and mental patterns, floating helps us get out of our own way. It opens us to a world we may have never seen.

Our Logo

Our logo depicts a wormhole, also known as an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. In the field of physics, a wormhole is a theoretical method of folding space and time so that you could connect two places in space together, thus traveling instantaneously from one place to another. Wormholes have been popularized in the science fiction genre by such movies as “Interstellar” and “Contact”. We believe the wormhole is a wonderful metaphor for what we provide to our clients: a portal into their own “uncharted waters”.

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Meet our Team

Jonathan Murray, Founder

I discovered the modality of floating while living in Portland, Oregon.  Before this discovery, I had experienced different careers such as selling motorcycles, working as a pilot, waiting tables, and bartending.  I knew that deep down I wanted to help my fellow man but wasn’t sure how best to accomplish this.  I firmly believe that people can only change themselves from the inside out, through their own rigorous journey of self-discovery.   Floating enables a person to embark on a true voyage of the mind, as well as providing the body an ideal environment for rest and healing.  Needless to say, my first float turned me instantly into an evangelist.  I had stumbled upon a practice that could aid my fellow humans into becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Sarah Maynard-Murray, Float Chief

Sarah Maynard-Murray is a mother of two and the successful business co-owner of Uncharted Waters Float Center and Uncharted Soul in Tacoma, Washington. Using skills harnessed from past and present work experience, education, and training, she has worked with community members that are as diverse and varied as her abilities, including: veterans, youth, yogis, and individuals with disabilities.

Sarah’s odyssey into health and spiritual wellness stems from a compassionate understanding of ailments brought on by postpartum depression, anxiety and PTSD. After exploring healing modalities such as Integrative Restorative (iRest) meditation, yoga, and floating, she has committed herself fully to helping others venture into their own healing journeys by means of community engagement, hosting workshops, and volunteerism.

Dedicating twelve years in the Washington Air National Guard, Sarah has used her military experience as the catalyst for working with veterans at numerous Yellow Ribbon events, using the benefits of iRest to help military personnel heal and engage in self-care practices. Additionally, Sarah serves as a volunteer for the Tacoma Public School District as a mindfulness instructor for students.

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Fitness from Minot State University and a Masters in Education with a focus in Curriculum Development and Assessment from Jones International University. Adding to her list of credentials, she is also a certified iRest Yoga Nidra Instructor and Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher, and has used her passion for training, meditation and yoga to explore new and effective ways to help foster wellness in various areas of the local community.

Candice Jones, Float Tech

Candice joins the Uncharted Waters team as a floating novice eager to deepen her experience of this restorative practice. Her professional background is random and diverse. She has worked in churches, coffee shops, a corporate sales office, and a pet store – the common thread being a sense of responsibility to serve, help, and care for others. She is continually learning how to be here in wellness, joyfully journeying alongside fellow humans in recovering our authentic selves, reconnecting to our intuitive nature, and restoring a sense of place here on earth. Candice wholeheartedly believes in the basic goodness of people and brings fresh eyes and excitement to our mission of facilitating transformational healing experiences for body, mind and spirit. You can usually find her in the garden, near bodies of water, or hiking in the forest with her partner and dog babies. We are beyond thrilled to have her as part of our team!

Phil McGraw, Float Tech

After my 2nd float in 2013, I became passionate about floating and attended the international float conference in Portland with the intention to become involved in the float industry in some way, but didn’t know how. Within 12 weeks of the conference, a dream manifested into reality and I opened a float center called U-Float. 4 years later on Dec. 26 2017, our building suffered a devastating fire resulting in a total loss for all 8 businesses and 39 residents in the building.
Immediately following the fire, Jonathan and Sarah graciously reached out to me and opened their doors at Uncharted Waters to myself and beloved float clients to have a place for healing.

Within weeks of the fire, I signed up for Sarah’s 6 week iRest program and also began integrating iFloat sessions into my weekly floats. These 2 POWERFUL tools allowed me to build a foundation for inviting balance and a state of calm reflection back into my life. I am eternally grateful to Jonathan and Sarah for providing me a path toward wellness and showing me just how altruistic the float industry can be. Floating and meditation are keys to our mental and physical well being and will continue to be the foundation for my personal recovery.

Frank, Greeter/Mascot

I’m a Yellow Labrador/Sharpei mix, a rescue and certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International. Having kids read to me at the Puyallup Library and helping Pacific Lutheran University students relax during exam week are some of my favorite activities. I also enjoy yummy treats, Chuck-It, and a good belly scratch.