What Is A Sensory Deprivation Tank & Who Can Float Therapy Help?

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What Is A Float Tank And Where Did They Come From?

The Float Tank, often called a sensory deprivation tank, is one of the most incredible and unusual places in the entire world. There are many different kinds of float tanks. Some are cozy and simple, while others are vast and spacious, but they all serve the same purpose: reducing as much external stimulation to the human nervous system as possible. This isolation from the outside world is the foundation of float therapy.

The first isolation tank was imagined and brought to life in the 1960s by Dr. John C Lilly. He was a neuroscientist working for the national institute of mental health who wanted to understand the impact that coordinating and processing the human body had on the mind.

Dr. Lilly was curious about what might be possible in a mind that had no external stimuli to distract it. Eventually, he had the brilliant idea to create an environment that could reduce virtually every source of sensory input to the human body. And thus, the first tank was born.

The first isolation tanks were big and not very practical… You had to wear a scuba helmet and hang weights off your feet to use it at all! Fortunately, that’s no longer the case.

What Are Modern Float Tanks Like?

There are many kinds of float tanks today, but they all have very specific things in common.Inside our floatation tanks, we keep around ten inches of skin temperature water saturated with up to 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt.

The tanks are perfectly insulated against light and sound. Once you’re relaxed and laying perfectly still with nothing to distract you, some incredible things start to happen.

With reduced signals from your nervous system, your mind begins to have a difficult time detecting the edges of your body. Many people describe losing awareness of their body completely! Does that sound strange to you? Well, studies have shown it can actually be great for your health!

What Are Some Common Float Therapy Benefits?

Many people use float tanks as an opportunity to calm their mind and de-stress. Without external stimuli, your body’s anxiety response is naturally interrupted. This reduces the production of stress hormones and calms your mind. Some people say that floatation therapy is the most relaxing thing they’ve ever experienced.

First of all, while floating in the tank, your body’s frame is supported evenly from below. There is no physical pressure from gravity exerted on you. As your frame relaxes, your spine has a chance to decompress. Your muscles can release any tension they’re holding.

Floating can be very useful for people with back problems. Many of our guests and members float to manage their physical pain while recovering from injuries. The magnesium sulfate in the Epsom salt-saturated water also has a natural anti-inflammatory effect, so floating regularly reduces swelling and stiffness in achy joints.

Being in a float tank offers a one of a kind opportunity to be alone with your thoughts. As a result, many people use float therapy to deepen their focus during meditation. In fact, studies have shown a single float session can bring you into the deepest and most profound states of mind in less than an hour.

A sensory deprivation tank can do wonders for your creativity too. Without the constant distractions of the external world, you can access your creative thoughts much easier and bring your inner-visions to life, post-float.

Would You Like To Try A Float Therapy Session?

Floating is a singular opportunity to experience yourself. Nothing on planet earth is quite like a float tank session, and floatation therapy has transformed the lives of millions of people.

Some people might be put off being so alone with themselves, but if you’re, you might be wondering… “Are there any sensory deprivation tanks near me?”

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