Private Yoga

Whether you are beginning your practice or are wanting to deepen your practice, each private yoga session is tailored to meet your needs and help actualize your intentions. Each 90 minute session begins with a check-in and grounding activity followed by a 60 minute asana (physical posture) practice. At the end of each session space is created for discussion and/or journaling to ensure you are able to take what you’ve experienced, off the mat and into your daily life. Throughout the asana practice, hands on assists will be offered in addition to verbal cues and demonstration to support the fullness of this embodied experience. Because yoga is more than a physical exercise we will explore all 8 limbs which helps in realizing union, the ultimate expression of yoga. Schedule your private yoga session now for individualized guidance, direction and support. Email to schedule.
$75 per 90 minute session

Ayurvedic Consultation

The 3,000 year old whole-body healing system of Ayurveda is rooted in the belief that optimal health comes from a state of balance of the mind, body and spirit. During each session you will learn about the foundations of Ayurveda, uncover where imbalances exist and apply this understanding to return to a state of balance. While working with the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space we tune into the life force, and have a deeper understanding about how it impacts things such as digestion, the immune system, metabolism, muscle growth, strength and stability. While taking into account your physical and emotional makeup, we work together to restore optimal health and well-being. This work continues beyond the session with a personalized take home plan with specific diet and lifestyle recommendations as well as complimentary yogic practices to incorporate into your daily life.

Personal Coaching

Through a discovery based partnership we will explore personal and professional experiences, strengths and struggles so that you may live and work, fully in your integrity. Utilizing tools such at SBI Feedback, FYI Korn Ferry Competencies, Situational Leadership and the Enneagram we will co-create a plan where you step into your greatest possibilities. Each session is a sacred space for you to be fully seen in your gifts and messiness; a space to RE-member the unique, divine, whole person that you are.

“What if you were stretched into everything you have been thinking was impossible? What could you accomplish if you knew you could not fail?” ~Asha Mevlana

About Michelle Kucera-Jewell

Though known for her deep belly laughter, Michelle brings together nearly 25 years of experience working within for-profit and non-profit organizations, from guiding wilderness trips to facilitating corporate team building. She has recently transitioned out of her role working in leadership development for Apple to commit fully to holding sacred space for her community. Since stepping off the corporate ladder she transitioned to van life in order to travel the world to expand her own practice and share these teachings with others! Now that she has returned to Tacoma, her desire as an RYT 500, Non-Profit Founder and Cacao Practitioner is to help people in our community know that they are worthy of love, not because of their doing; simply because of their being. Michelle utilizes skills developed through her Masters Degree in Cultural Studies along with her certifications and training as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist through the Himalayan Institute, Laughter Yoga Leader, Yoga Behind Bars, and Reiki Practitioner. She sees yoga as an anti-oppressive practice and is passionate about bringing this transformative work to underserved and underrepresented communities. She is humbled by the opportunity to learn from and co-create healing, transformational space in every sacred session.