This month, March will see the arrival of spring, washing away winter-wonder in favor of beautiful blossoms and boastful birdsong. While the sun continues to play peek-a-boo as a teaser for summer, take the extra time to put focus towards the self and personal health.

Here at Uncharted Waters, we offer a variety of services that cater to physical, emotional, and mental health — float therapy happens to provide modalities that boost all three.

This month though, we’ve been inspired to dive deep into the realm of mental health and the benefits of maintaining it at optimum levels. During the CBS news segment How sensory deprivation and floating impacts the brain, the assets of floating are explored via the avenue of science. Link to video here:

For you nerds out there, consider the effects of floating found in this experiment performed by neuropsychologist Justin Feinstein, who studies the impact of floatation therapy on individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders and PTSD. After equipping CBS reporter John Dickerson with a wireless and waterproof EEG, heart rate monitor, and blood pressure cuff, Feinstein set about monitoring physical vitals to observe the impact floating was having on his participant.

Here is what Feinstein found: Dickerson’s heart rate dropped by 20 beats per minute, and his blood pressure decreased by more than 20 points. Although not asleep, Dickerson reported feeling both deeply relaxed but also energized. By being in this ‘powered down’ state, the body is able to convince the brain to be more still, which in turn can lead to some neat mental ‘wins’, such as and increased ability to focus and pay attention by giving the brain the chance to ‘dump’ or detox. These benefits are highly relevant to improving mental health.

This is all great information, of course. But what now? How does one begin exploring beneficial ways to boost mental health as soon as possible?

You guessed it: by floating.

And to help our floater friends foster a healthy regimen of regular floating, we’re unrolling our Unlimited Unlock Program, which earns members unlimited floats after purchasing five additional floats at the special member-price of $39 each. (Please note that these floats do not have to be purchased all at once, just float by float.) With this awesome service, reaping the benefits of frequent floats is easier than ever.

Get ready to pencil us in!